Our Space

Moko is light, airy, and inviting – a laid-back atmosphere to envelop you in smell-so-good aromatherapy and friendly vibes. You can feel the difference from the moment you enter our chemical-free space and notice that there is no ammonia odor or strong fumes typically found in conventional salon and spas.

Our space is perfect for hosting events, weddings, and beauty parties. Spacious enough to accommodate larger groups yet possessing an intimate, boutique vibe. The large windows and abundant natural light make an excellent location for photography. And we are centrally located in the beautiful Old City neighborhood, a hot spot for shopping, dining, history and a cool urban atmosphere. For more info on hosting your event at moko, just ask.

Eco – Friendly Design

Moko’s design reflects our eco-friendly philosophy. We enhanced our environment using eco-friendly materials – bamboo, reclaimed wood, denim insulation, low VOC paint, vintage and re/upcycled pieces. We incorporate eco-friendly practices into all aspects of our business, including recycling and composting, using alternative energy and purified water, humidification, and participating in a flower CSA.