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Best Salon in Old City for Non-Ammonia Color & Balayage.

At MOKO, we receive many questions from pregnant mothers, natural enthusiasts, and general salon searchers about our haircolor line. Yes, We are an organic-based salon, meaning we do our best to find and use the most sustainable products available. We are also pragmatists when it comes to haircolor. Our main haircolor line, Chi, is ammonia-free. Chi was one of the first innovative hair companies to venture into the non-ammonia color market. We also love their transparency, Chi lists trace amounts of PPD in their ingredients (an irritant to some with chemical sensitivities) even though, by federal standards, they are not required to. We used to use Organic Colour Systems from the UK – they claimed to not have PPD – but- yep – they did!

So, We love using our Chi non-ammonia haircolor and ammonia-free lighteners , specifically used for clients requesting subtle highlights. However, There is no way possible to use an organic lightener for clients wanting very light highlights or balayage. It just doesn’t exist. So, at MOKO, We are pragmatists and use the best products available, that are buffered and ensure the integrity of your hair is maintained. We will even use a patented Olaplex Formula, which boasts a scientific molecular structure that protects and strengthens the hair, during your lightening process – no lie!

But wait….I thought you said MOKO was organic? Yes, We use shampoos, styling products, and services that are the most natural/organic that we can possibly source via scouring ingredient lists and ratings on Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) website. We are organic pragmatists.

Monique the owner subscribes to this philosophy and allows her stylists to find their best way toward realistic organic beauty (how to approach and explain their choices to clients). If you ever have a question, just ask. 

And ooh, For those Organic beauty detectives out there: the ones who are passionate about asking questions about our haircolor and ingredients. The ones who swear that Whole Foods has 100% organic, non- chemical haircolor and henna – hey- we hear you – but here it goes:

The only true ‘natural’ henna is red henna. That’s right! The other colors all contain iron and metals that build up on the hair. This is why some henna enthusiasts have hair that becomes brittle or wiry, at some point. Just like chlorinated hair (it’s really the metals in pool water that coat the hair), It simply is not as ‘natural’ as you think.

What about those boxed colors at Whole Foods?They are not natural, either. Maybe natural based. All haircolor needs some type of chemical in it to work. 

For example, a leading haircolor company, Goldwell, tried to test an all natural haircolor in Germany – many years ago. Yes, it eventually worked. However, Women needed to sit under a dryer for 5 hours or more, for the color to work. Sound like you – if so – maybe this color exists somewhere – but not in the US.

So, that’s it. MOKO strives to best the best organic salon in Old City and Philadelphia, at large. This is not just based on the products we carry, but our overall approach to be as transparent, as possible, in our mission and information brought to you!

Love MOKO.

Best Organiic Hair Salon Old City Philadelphia – No Ammonia Color