Hair Chalking


Have you heard of it?

Celebrities, designers, and fashion bloggers everywhere have been playing with this cheap, do-it-yourself, non-permanent way to experiment with the pastel hair color trend.

We were first inspired when one of our employees came in with a fresh color streak in her bangs. We had to try it out for ourselves, and quickly got our hands on a box of rainbow chalks from the art supply store around the corner.

We had so much fun chalking each other that we decided to put together a couple tutorials, so that you can learn how to chalk your own hair at home.

Chalking can be done dry or wet – dry chalking works best on light hair colors, and can be brushed out easily. Wet works best if you have dark hair, or if you would like your chalk color to last a few extra days on light hair. It will stay in your hair until you shampoo.

Choose which type of chalking you’d like to try, and follow one of our tutorials below:

Dry Chalking


And you’re finished! It’s really that easy!


If you have light hair, and you want your chalk color to last until your next shampoo, you might want to try the wet chalking technique, demonstrated below.

Adding water to the chalk dust will create a dye – too weak to stain dark hair, but strong enough to color lighter hair for a few washes. If you’re feeling bold, go for it! Otherwise, be sure not to wet your light hair when you’re chalking, and try to brush as much chalk out of your hair before you shampoo.

Wet Chalking

wet_square 9_wet

Take our advice on a couple points:

You might want to use a pair of gloves and lay down a towel or some newspaper, because chalking can get very messy (as we learned the hard way).

Go easy on the styling products. Chalk mixed with gel or pomade will become very greasy and can rub off on your clothes or skin.

Chalk pastel can stain your clothes, so be extra careful if you have long hair. Brushing the excess chalk from your hair will help keep things spic and span.

Chalk pastels can sap needed moisture from the ends of your hair. Don’t chalk too often, and be sure to condition your hair! We recommend John Masters Organics Lavender and Avocado Intensive Conditioner – it will leave your locks soft and replenished, without adding weight.

Chalked hair looks amazing when styled! Play with braids and buns, or add curls. Heat can help lock in the color without staining your hair, so consider running a curling or flat iron over your chalked sections.

Have fun! And if you like your results, send us your photos at mokobeauty at gmail dot com


If you live in the Philadelphia area, we’ll be hosting a First Friday event on July 9th from 6:30-8:30PM, and will be offering hair chalking demonstrations all evening! Come by if you’d like us to chalk your hair for you! We’ll even be selling packs of our favorite colored chalks for you to take home!


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